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We’ve invested in a variety of advanced technologies to improve our service to patients. Here are just a few of the systems we use:

Intraoral cameras

We use intraoral cameras to take live, high definition images and video inside your mouth. You can see these images on a monitor and take a look at what your mouth looks like from the inside.

Digital and Panoramic X-rays

Digital X-ray systems have replaced film-based X-ray in dental offices. These systems use less radiation to provide high-quality digital images used in diagnosis and treatment. Panoramic X-rays provide digital images of your entire jaw and are useful for dental implant placement.


Our CEREC system lets us produce ceramic restorations such as crowns in our office without needing to use an outside dental lab. Restorations can be produced in a very short time, allowing us to offer same-day crowns.

Watch Video: Cerec Crowns

3D Digital Scan CBCT

3D scanning allows us to take a three-dimensional image of your jaws and teeth. We can use this image to help plan restorations and dental implant placement.

Guided implant placement

We use 3D scanning, X-ray images and an outside consultant to create detail a detailed plan to place your dental implant. The plan takes the structure of your jaw, the location of nerves and blood vessels, and the location and shape of your existing teeth into account when indicating the ideal location for your implant.

Lasers - hard & soft tissue

Dental lasers are an alternative to scalpels and drills for making incisions in soft tissue and drilling teeth. Lasers are precise and don’t cause vibration, meaning less discomfort and faster healing for you.

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