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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The last set of teeth to emerge are the third set of molars, called the “wisdom teeth.” These teeth usually begin to grow in the late teens or early twenties. They can cause complications when they grow, such as crowding, pain, infection, tooth decay, and impaction.

The location of the wisdom teeth makes them difficult to clean, and they often impact the health of adjacent teeth. The common treatment for these issues is to extract the wisdom teeth before they emerge.

Wisdom Teeth Assessment

We can assess your wisdom teeth before they emerge to determine whether they will need to be removed. As part of the assessment we’ll X-ray your teeth and gums.

If we determine your wisdom teeth will pose a risk to your mouth, we’ll discuss your options, explain the extraction process, and refer you to a trusted specialist for extraction.

Call our office today to book a wisdom teeth removal assessment.

Watch videos about Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

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