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Welcome to the Office of Dr. Ken L. Miller, DDS

Dr. Miller, a general dentist, has served Northeastern Alberta with comprehensive, family-oriented dental care for over 30 years. Some of the services we offer include:

St. Paul, AB Comprehensive Dental Care

If you’ve been searching for a new dentist for you or your family, we would love to welcome you to the office of Dr. Ken L. Miller. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to making your experience with us an exceptional one. All services are performed by General Dentist Dr. Ken Miller.

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Dental Implants in St. Paul, AB

When you have one or more teeth extracted the alveolar bone that was around your teeth starts to shrink as it heals. This loss of bone can age the look of your face. Presently one of the best ways to replace missing teeth is with Dental Implants. Dental Implants are the only thing besides teeth that help keep your alveolar bone in place! Dental Implants and beautiful white porcelain crowns can fill those dark spaces in your smile where you have missing teeth. They are strong, dependable and can give you back the ability to chew your food well. They say digestion starts in your mouth when you chew your food well mixing it with saliva!

Dental implants can help hold your full or partial dentures in place to give you more confidence to smile, laugh, and eat healthy food. By stabilizing and retaining your dentures, implants allow you to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, even meats. As the saying goes, “We are what we eat”.

Dr. Ken Miller started his implant journey in 2000 and has taken many hours of courses and study to get where he is today. For the first 13 years, he placed implants by planning them on stone casts of the patient’s mouth. In 2012 he invested in a Cerec CAD/CAM unit. In 2013 he invested in a 3D digital CBCT machine. Since 2013 Dr. Miller has been using these technologies to plan implants virtually on his computer. He can plan where the crown should be to look and function it’s best. Then he can merge that with the 3D CBCT x-ray to plan exactly where the implant needs to be placed to allow the crown to be supported by the implant. On the 3D scan he can see where the nerves, sinuses and other anatomy is that he needs to avoid when placing the implant. He then sends this planning data to Germany to have a surgical guide made. This virtual implant placement planning has made the surgery appointment safer, more predictable and take less time for the patient. This process is called “Guided Implant Surgery”. With implants, you can replace one tooth or all of them - there are more options than you think. If you would like to see if Implants would be right for you, phone us today for a consult.

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